Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hansen - SS12 Images

I saw these pictures some time ago, when we visited the lovely people over at Hansen (remember?), and I couldn't help feeling an urge to go to Sweden in the summertime - actually I just wanted the seasons to change into summer all together. But spending the summer in Sweden wouldn't be too bad either. Which reminds me, I should probably finally spend a vacation in Sweden, as I really want to visit the tannery in Tärnsjö as well.

I won't say much about these pictures other than I think, that the men in Åse's family (because that is exactly what they are - real men) look very handsome and the pictures are very nice as well. The clothes look amazing too of course.

I really look forward to spending some time with our friends at Hansen and hopefully we can cover some of their interesting garments yet again in another post.

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