Saturday, September 22, 2012

Acme Thunderer

For some years now I've also kept a whistle among my keys. I don't know why really, as it's not a safety measure, but I think I was attracted to design and the story of pilots using the whistle during WW II as a survival whistle. I don't know, if the story is true, but I do know one thing though; The Acme Thunderer is one hell of a whistle.

The Acme Thunderer is the most iconic pea whistle ever made and it's still made in England (in Birmingham) by Acme Whistles. It's made of solid brass that has been nickel plated (which will look even better, once the plating starts to chip). There are a few different make ups in the Thunderer series and some of them are even made of plastic, still if you go for the classic no 58, you should be settled.
In all honesty I've never found a genuine reason to use it which hasn't stopped me from enjoying carrying it around. But if you're a dog trainer, a referee, a pilot lost at sea, a policeman or if you frequently go to raves, I suggest you buy one straight away.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

John Löfgren & Co - Beach Jacket

If you know a little about vintage clothing and particular vintage American clothing, you may know that the Brown's Beach Jacket is one of the most collectible items out there and it keeps fetching solid prices on eBay. If you know a little about buying from some of the most shops in the world, you may know that most of them are located in Japan and you may know, that it's often a hassle communicating with them and you will often have to resort to using an expensive proxy. However there is one exception and that exception is Speedway Shop (or their Rakuten shop), which is run by a very friendly American named John Lofgren (he is actually of Swedish descent).

John Lofgren is not only running a very good shop with a lot of other good brands, but he is also producing some very fine goods in his own name. Their all made in Japan of excellent materials and their all meticulously made with nice historical details.

One of the most recent pieces that has been added to the collection is John's interpretation of the iconic Beach Jacket. It's not a historical reproduction by any means, but it's a plausible remake with a nice updated fit. The fit is also something that makes Lofgren stand out, as they're much more suited for the Western consumer, as many of the Japanese makers tend to make their garbs very small and short.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Audubon Bird Call

Writing about the Marbles Match Safe made me think about some of the great objects, that aren't exactly related to clothing, but it can still add some good to your daily life. One of these things is the Audubon Bird Call.

It's a small gadget, that can be used to imitate bird calls by creating small tweeting sounds or rather create sounds, that will make birds curious, and therefore it doesn't replicate any specific bird call. It's made of bird wood and cast zinc and was invented by Roger Eddy in 1947 (he seems like a really interesting fellow and you can read more about him in his obituary).

The Audubon has been sold in millions in the US and is still made in the US by the company American Bird Products, which is still owned by the Eddy family. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marbles Match Safe

I love stumbling upon great little products, that have a great story, a great design and a great functionality. I found all three things, when I stumbled upon the Match Safe by Marbles (founded in 1887 in Michigan) some weeks ago. It sort of reminded me to keep searching for good products. They might not be readily available, but if you look for them, they can still be found and that was one of the things that initially made me start blogging.

This small canister is made to keep your matches dry, safe and ready for when you might need them (or just to keep them in a better looking container, that a regular matchbox). The MR150 as it's also named is made  of nickel plated brass to exact specifications of their original 1900 patent. However some suggest that the quality isn't on par with the original or rather vintage ones, but then again what is nowadays?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Books on Menswear - ABC of Men's Fashion

There are a lot of books on men's fashion, and I think I either own or have read my fair share of them. One of the most entertaining books I've ever read on the topic is definitely "ABC of Men's Fashion" by Hardy Amies.

This book contains a lot of advice - or maybe rather commandments - on men's fashion by Hardy Amies himself. Despite its structure it isn't objective or matter-of-fact, as it's basically a collection of Hardy's rants on almost everything related to clothing and menswear. Maybe you'll learn something, I'm not sure, but I can guarantee that you'll get a good laugh. I'm sure, Hardy Amies was a fun, amusing and entertaining character.

To me this is just a perfect example of his witty brilliance, and there are plenty more.


"A patterned silk fabric for women's dress and for upholstery. It should remain there."