Thursday, February 28, 2013

Worth a Listen - Jim James

Jim James - of My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk - released the his solo album titled, Regions of Light and Sound this year and in my opinion it's definitely one of the best albums released in 2013 so far. Now I know there's plenty left of 2013, but I'm sure this is one of the albums I'll remember when this year is coming to an end.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Helvetica - The Documentary

I'm really into typefaces and typography, although I'm not that knowledgeable about it, as I would like to be. However I'm sure that it'll be one of the things that I take some time to get to know even further, once I start to let go of some of my other obsessions. My favourite typeface is Futura without a doubt and I recognise it wherever I come across it. It's that familiar feeling of seeing something beautiful.

A long time ago I watched this documentary by the renowned filmmaker and producer Gary Hustwit about the Helvetica typeface. Now a documentary on a subject like one single typeface may sound a bit weird, but  Helvetica is used everywhere and you certainly realize that it is indeed used everywhere - if you watch that documentary. Other than that you experience some great graphic design and some really crazy typographers, so if that sounds like a thing you could be into, then I suggest you find that documentary and watch it. It's full of inspiration.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saint James Meridien II

Nothing says summer like a good, rough Breton tee. And I say rough because I want the cotton to be carded and stout and not combed and soft. This is why I've always preferred Saint James over Armor Lux for instance. Though both made in France, I definitely prefer Saint James. There are other good makers like Orcival and Le Troyes, but Saint James is easily available, so that's why I always opt for Saint James.

Furthermore I think the Meridien II model with its boat neck is perfect and the colourway ecru/marine (more like indigo actually) is not only great in itself, it develops over time and become second skin.

Saint James has another great model called Ouessant, which is very popular in Japan because it fits a lot slimmer through the body and the sleeves and is still made of the carded cotton. In Japan you can even get it in solid colours. However having tried it, I didn't really like the slim fit, but I guess it comes down to you body type, but I think it could work really well on women. The Meridien is still my favourite.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Faribault Woolen Mills - Blankets and Throws

Faribault Woolen Mills is one of the excellent American makers that has been around for ages (since 1865), however not too long ago they went under and closed their production of quality woolen goods like blankets and throws. Luckily their mill was revitalized a couple of years ago, and their now up and running again. I read one place that half of all blankets sold in the US were made by Faribault, and they made not being doing that well, but judging from the press that they are getting, they're doing better than they have in a long time.

Ever since reading about Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments recommending the West-End blanket from them, I've been in the market for one, but thing is, I don't really need it at the moment. But I can appreciate it and wait for a time when I might actually have use for a good, solid blanket. Like when I get a small cabin in Sweden for instance - which will hopefully happen someday. Their military blankets can be found under the "Foot Solider" category.

Some retailers have also picked up some scarves made by Faribault. They're made out of merino wool, which I personally think is excellent for scarves. This scarf has some resemblances to the iconic Hudson Bay   blanket and is a favourite of mine. And so is and actual blanket with the Hudson Bay stripes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wilderness Wear Merino Socks

There are plenty of good makers of socks. Too many to list even. A personal favourite is Corgi from Wales. But there are also many good English and American makers, and I even have a good one here in Denmark. There's also a good maker in Australia, making merino socks that are suitable for all year wear. That maker is Wilderness Wear and their Australian-made socks are now available at A Platform, which is a somewhat new webshop with a nicely curated assortment. It's really a webshop that I find very inspiring and I have high hopes for it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fred Perry M12 Polo - Made in England

A good polo shirt is an essential piece of any man's wardrobe. Now there are some good options of the market, but not nearly enough. Especially if you want the classics. Of course you have the iconic Lacoste, but nowadays they're not even made in Europe - at least not the most recent ones I've seen. You also have the ones from Ralph Lauren, but they're made in the Far East. Sunspel makes some descent polo, but I'm not even sure that they're made in England any longer and in my opinion a polo should be made in a somewhat sturdy pique.

But then we have Fred Perry. Most Fred Perry is not interesting at all - Poor quality and made a long way from England. However they still make some polos in England and from my experience they're very good, unfortunately not that many retailers offer the Made in England version. It does have some skinhead and mod connotations, but there's no doubt about its anglo iconic status and in my opinion it would go well with so many things. I'm definitely adding a new M12 to my wishlist for the summer.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Derek Rose Pyjamas

Every man needs a good pyjamas. Right now I only own one, a German-made Schiesser Revival which is very good. But I can't help missing my old Derek Rose, as it was made of a very crisp cotton fabric that was great in the summer, when it got very warm.

Derek Rose has been around since 1926 and is still family-owned. They have specialized in making luxurious nightwear. Unfortunately they're not made in Britain any longer (Czech Republic, if I remember correctly), but the quality is still up there.

Other good alternatives include Hilditch & Key and Zimmerli. Zimmerli is actually still made in Switzerland (For your information, Switzerland is the country in the world with the highest labour costs, but their products are mostly extremely good)