Friday, March 30, 2012

BlogLoving - Female Bloggers

First of all, I'm so proud, that some of you guys out there are returning to read this blog. I wish I had time to update the blog once a day or twice even. But with a busy schedule, that includes studies, planning the future of ATD, making leather goods, making friends, and going out, there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.

Meanwhile I hope you are taking some time to check out all the great blogs on the "Worth a Read"-list, as there are some very, very talented people on that list, that deserve a bit of you time. Who knows, you might even learn something new or discover something cool? I know, I do, every time I check out some of these blogs.

On my list I have three blogs, that are all made by women, but that doesn't mean, that I haven't learned a thing or two about dressing and style from them. I mean, they are so stylish and inspirational.

Another blog, which is almost run by women is of course Archival Clothing, that deserves more praise, than they have already had here. They are tremendously talented.

Read them yourself and show them to the women in your life.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hill-Side - Guatemalan Hand-Wovens

The Hill-Side guys have a really good feel of fabrics. They use nice, crisp chambrays, which made them quite famous at first, but lately they have been adding some beautiful flower prints, camouflage and lots of different interesting weaves.
Their latest offerings of hand-woven, Guatemalan fabrics are no different. They are amazing. The colours, the weave, the fact that they are fair trade and that they are cut and sewn in the US, makes them perfect. Especially if you are feeling a little dandy or feeling, that a bit of colour might do your daily outfit some good.

Available at Unionmade and Hickorees

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thrifting Back Home

Living in Denmark's second largest city makes thrifting, which is one of my favourite pastime activities, a bit more difficult. There is a lot of competition by bigger hipsters than myself and the prices are normally hiked a bit too much for my liking. Therefore I like thrifting in smaller towns all across Denmark, when I get the chance. I especially like doing back home, when I visit my parent's. Not too long ago I went home and I had the chance to do a bit of thrifting and I had a bit of luck. Here are some highlights.

First of an old Danish made workwear jacket by Gerco with some nice details. This one has already found a new good home and I hope the new owner enjoys it. The cut and details of this jacket makes it very wearable and it resembles a classic safari jacket a bit.

Green bartacking

My favourite kind of workwear buttons. This type of button is removable and is secured with a small brass split on the back. 

Selvage on the placket. And some very nice slub in the fabric.

The stitching on the collar makes it stand up.

Felled seams, triple stitched and chain stitch.

I also found two denim workwear jackets, which are almost identical as the one I featured some time back. The only difference is the fact, that this one features snap buttons by Stocko, which is an old German company (that Nigel Cabourn also uses), that makes quality hardware. The denim is also slightly different in colour and it's a bit more irregular and hairy. The two jackets were donated to fellow Danish denim enthusiasts Thomas of Denimhunter and Henrik of Brund and according to my sources, the one I gave to Henrik is now being displayed in the shop.

I also managed to scoop two vintage t-shirts by a Danish underwear company called BHI (short for Brødrene Hansen Ikast), which is long gone. I mostly bought them because I liked the text on the back, which says "Real men wears BHI" and of course they were deadstock.

I also managed to find this hunting/fishing/outdoor parka by a company called Laksen (Salmon in English). It's probably the thing, that will go straight into my jacket rotation due to it's perfect olive colour and the fact, that is 100% Danish made, as the fabric was woven at Grenaa Dampvæveri.
The functionality is also great on the jacket with it's numerous pockets and hidden hood of some terrible, yet waterproof nylon fabric.

Suede shoulder and elbow patches.

Lastly I managed to find a nice coat in one of my favourite fabrics ever, Loden or Loden Cape from Austria. Unlike many coats made of Loden this jacket is actually somewhat fitted and short, which makes it a lot more wearable to me.

Nice, thick leather football buttons.

Leather trim in pockets and on the cuffs.

Waist adjusters and zipped vents.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Roebuck's Shirt - Beautiful Decay

Albeit having a bit of fear, that I'll be messing with the market powers by posting a shirt, that is still up for grabs on the Bay, I'm posting some 35 pictures of one of the most beautiful and amazing denim shirts, that I have ever seen. I'm fairly certain, that this will go for a very good price despite it being shared here.
I tend to look for vintage jeans and other denim related objects on eBay quite often to look for a bargain, but mostly to get some good inspiration, or design ideas. This shirt reminded me, that I should be wearing my Wrangler 27MW or possibly attempting to make my own denim at some point.

I'm guessing, that it dates from the early 50's and it was worn by a man, who wore it tucked in his pants and a man, who wore the hell out of it and repaired it in an impressive way.

Other details include selvage guesset, painted brass Gripper snaps and the most awesome repairs ever, which I can't emphasize enough.

This is patina