Monday, January 9, 2012

Watches - Omega Speedmaster with Fluco Cordovan watchband

I came across an old picture of my friend Rasmus' late Omega Speedmaster. I say late because the watch has been sold and replaced by another Omega. The Speedmaster is equipped with a shell cordovan watchband - which is made in Germany by a company called Fluco. I have a couple of these cordovan watchbands myself, and I have to say, that the price is hard to beat and the quality is very good. 
So if your watch is in need of a strap, then look no further than Fluco. They represent great value for money and if I had a shop, I would definitely pick these up.

If you have a nice watch of any kind (ATD is not about snobbery, so a nicely patinated Timex will also make do) and you want to share it on ATD, feel free to e-mail a picture. I will be sharing pictures of my watch collection in the time to come. They are probably being edited as we speak.

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