Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Want: Danner Boots

Maybe I should finally cave in and buy my first pair of hiking boots. I'm not sure, how much use they'll be getting, but some of the options, that have surfaced recently, are looking very promising.

Boots by Danner, Made in Oregon - USA for years and years. Perfect.

Danner sounds a bit Danish as well. Maybe I should get these instead of a pair of Limmer.


  1. So much nice footwear out there.

  2. I hear ya, brotha.

    Which reminded me of something... Stay tuned.

  3. Just came be these, a collab by Danner and Tanner Goods, and they reminded me of your post so I thought I would share:
    They look sturdy and neat imo.

  4. If it wasn't because I wasn't particularly fond of Tanner (for a number of reasons) and the fact, that I couldn't really see, what Tanner brings to the collaboration, I would have featured them. I quite like the sole, that they have used, and the olive Chromexcel is beautiful - as usual.

    I even found a hide in a similar colour and finish while going through a stack of sample hides at my leather shop, but I didn't pick it up, as I'm a bit unusre, if other people would appreciate the olive colour.