Saturday, December 31, 2011

Give-away - Hell is in Hello "20.000 Leaks Under The Sea"

Here is the first After the Denim give-away ever. Hopefully the first of many. And you don't even have to like the Facebook page or follow the Twitter (because there isn't one just yet) - this gift comes with no strings attached.

I originally intended to upload it this as a Christmas present, but I figured, that you were all sick and tired of presents at that point. Then it struck me, when did you last receive a New Year's Eve present? Not very often, eh? 
So without further ado I would like to present the record "20.000 Leaks Under The Sea" by Hell is in Hello, which is a very interesting Danish project by Rasmus Hedeman. This record was self-released some time ago and I remember listening to the songs intensely. I was really surprised by the stunning quality of the music. When I contacted Rasmus recently concerning allowing you guys to download the Album via ATD, he gave me permission straight away, so this is actually not a present from me, but more of a present from Rasmus.

I won't go into details about this project other than it is definitely one to watch for the future. If everything goes according to my premonition, that I'm making just now, it will at some point become something big. Until then enjoy the fact, that Rasmus Hedeman is probably the friendliest musician around. If you are lucky, he'll even send you one of his records, if he still has any in stock.

What should I say about this record? Again, I won't say much, other than I like it quite a lot and you should form an opinion of your own. I think it has some absolute lo-fi gems (some of them might be called hits, if you like music and not Lady Gaga) in songs like "So Miserable", "Deep, Deep Sleep" and "I'm Surprised by Your Eyes".

So please do go ahead. Download it. It's free. Not only is it free, it's also an amazing listen.

From Hell is in Hello and After the Denim with love.

Oh, while I'm still able to write somewhat properly, I would really like to wish you all a happy ending and a new beginning. 20-12 will be a great year, I'm sure. And I promise you, that I'll do my absolute best to push the boundaries of After the Denim.
It's been great and I never anticipated the response, that I've had so far. I would like to thank you all for coming back and commenting. You make me want to do more and so I will.


  1. I'm very pleased, that you like it, and I know, Rasmus is very pleased as well.

    Make sure you play it to your friends and family. Spread the gospel :-)