Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lifetime Investment - Viberg Oxfords

I think, I hinted this buy in a previous post. Some time ago I took the plunge. I jumped in at the deep end. I invested in a pair of Viberg Oxfords. 
This wasn't some impulse buy, I thought about it hard and contemplated deeply on it for quite some time before actually deciding to pull the trigger. I haven't looked back ever since, although both my feet are aching from having to battle with a couple of kilograms of leather, rubber and what I think is cement and steel. It's a constant struggle at the moment, but somehow I believe, that they'll eventually become as comfortable as a pair of worn-out Sunday slippers.

The construction is, as I said, very, very solid and the stitching is perfect. I would of course have liked a Vibram ripple sole on them, and possibly brass hardware, however I'm very sure, that I won't grow tired of these any time soon with the Vibram Cristy, which isn't the most exciting choice, but it is a very safe and solid choice. And in most cases that is the best. Furthermore I'm in love with the perfectly sewn welt, triple stitching and finally the waxed laces are just so good. 

Another great feature is the brown rough-out suede. It will not take scuffs easily, which means I can use and abuse them without having to think much about maintenance. Although I have been thinking about treating them with a leather conditioner with some beeswax. Unfortunately I'm all out of a good one, that I have had for some time, and apparently they don't make it any more. But I'll probably just buy some Obernauf's and use that instead. That will of course change the whole look of the shoe, but it will also add some waterproofness, which is quite essential in the Scandinavian climate. 

These were purchased at one of the two only stockists in Denmark, Shoe Chapter and I can only suggest, that you head down there and try on a pair, if you happen to come by. It is an experience, that I suggest you don't go without, even if you don't have the money to actually buy a pair. I didn't have the money either, but I have been saving up to buy them for months and I have decided to not buy much else footwear - and clothing - in the next months to come. As I said, an investment.

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