Sunday, November 6, 2011

Victorinox Pocket Knife

This pocket knife is one of the more recent additions to my collection of knives. It was handed down to my by my sister, who didn't have a use for it. I actually don't know, why it was given to her, but it used to belong to my grandfather on my mother's side. My mother's father, Thorvald, was a sailor. He grew up on a farm, but left home to go sailing and did so for quite some years.
I don't remember much about him, except he had the biggest hands I have ever seen - at least from a child's perspective, but it has been confirmed by my family. And I remember him having quite a lot of tattoos, which I could stare at for hours. You have to keep in mind, that this was in the days, when tattoos weren't something, that you would seen on everybody, as you do nowadays.

This knife, is mostly referred to as a "Swiss Army Knife", because it was supplied to the Swiss army. It is in fact made by the company, Victorinox, which makes these knives and has done so for a long time. This knife is very famous, and I'm sure, most of you already know, that this is a great knife with a myriad of great tools and purposes. I'm really happy with mine, although I would of course like the "Champion" model, which is the one, that got picked for the Permanent Design Collection on the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Mine will suffice however, and I just need to get it sharpened and cleaned.

A fun fact about the name Victorinox, is that the name is a contraction of the name Victoria and the French term for Stainless steel, "acier inoxybable". Victoria was the founder's mother's name and in her honour he named the company after her, when she passed away. This I find very beautiful.

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