Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tricker's x The Bureau - Orange Cordovan Toe Cap Super Boot

I think the title says it all: Super Boots.

If you have £555 to spare and you are in dire need of a pair of boots, you shouldn't hesitate.

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But I'm I the only one, that is just slightly hesitant about all of the collaborations and special make-ups, that Tricker's are doing right now? I like Tricker's a lot and I have a massive amount of respect for the brand itself. And I of course understand, that they are using the momentum, but I'm just concerned, that they are abusing it on behalf of their brand and the quality. 
I have seen some Tricker's recently, where the welt was scratched - going wrecked - and not as well-polished and sewn, as it should have been, which probably should have deemed them as seconds, but they weren't.
On top of these issues I feel, that there are still some very good English maker's, that are getting very little attention compared to Tricker's. I'll try to do more on English shoe manufacturing at some point, but I can of course reveal, that I'm thinking of brands like Cheaney, Crockett&Jones and for instance William Lennon. Loake could also be included, but I can't believe, that they are moving production away from England. This is also why, I don't much attention to Grenson anymore. Grenson is marketed as being very British, but everything is assembled in Pakistan or Portugal, if I remember correctly and the quality has taken a hit.

This is of course just my ranting, but if you have any ideas, views or insight to the subject, feel free to share them.


  1. As far as I have heard and know Grenson are still producing in the same factory as they have been for the last 100 years.
    Actually I have been told that the factory is almost remained as it was when it first opened.
    So if that is true the quality should not be any different from what it used to be unless now other machines and techniques are used.

    But of course this does not mean I am correct, maybe you remember where you heard different?

    Thakn you :)

  2. Hi, I'm sure, that they still manufacture some in the UK, but you would have to look for the "Rose collection" or certain collaborations/private label. I have a pair of boots from their Rose line called "Bleasdale", and they are VERY good.

    However the "Rushden collection" - the younger, more hip and cheaper (though still not cheap) line isn't made in the UK. At least that was the case, when I mistankenly bought a pair of chukkas from the Rushden collection... However things could have changed back, when Tim Little took over at Grenson.

    It's hard to find anything conclusive, so I might be wrong. I would love to be wrong.