Monday, November 14, 2011

Archival Clothing Rucksack

I think there is a subject, that is yet to be completely covered, and it will probably take a lot of more posts on the subject for it to be fully covered, but that isn't the intention either. I'm - of course - referring to the subject of backpacks.

I still haven't decided on one for myself, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out what to buy, once I have covered some of the options, that I have been thinking about. If you have any suggestions, then please share them.

Archival Clothing has been mentioned, and you need to be familiar with the blog and their shop now. If not pay them a visit, please. They make beautiful objects with the same recipe basically. Waxed cotton + Mil-spec + Solid brass + Leather + Made in USA - Something good and durable.

I'm not going to say much about their rucksack. I think, it is a great product by great people, that has been very well thought through.

Just have a look at this

1 - Lightly padded back panel provides overall structure andprotection from awkward cargo. Pack rides closely and load does not sag.
2 - Shoulder straps attach into side seam, curving straps around body for comfort.
3 - Twin outer bellows pockets are easy to access and are nicely sized for smaller personal items.
4 - Single Horween Chromexcel leather strap is light, durable, and convenient.
5 - Dimension is taller and narrower. Loads carry best in this configuration.
6 - Drawstring around top opening keeps load secure and further prevents bag flopping.
7 - Two inch wide webbing shoulder straps are perfectly comfortable for loads up to 25 or 30 pounds.
8 - Convenient locker loop.
9 - Double-layered bottom ensures a long life.
10 - Fully finished inside and out. Seams fully bound in our own waxed canvas bias tape. Stress points are bar-tacked or riveted. Snaps and rivets are reinforced with leather washers.

In terms of style I don't think much of a backpack, but in terms of practicality I can't seem to think of a replacement. A tote/shopper is not always handy and a messenger creates shoulder fatigue sometimes. That's why I need a backpack for school and possibly travel as well.

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