Friday, September 9, 2011

Danish Blogs and a Thank You Note

What's going on in our tiny spot on the globe, that we call Denmark? Not much is the short answer, and probably the long answer too. It doesn't mean that there aren't things happening in Denmark because there are some good things. I will try to uncover these things, as we go along. 

Today I would like to bring some attention to two Danish blogs that are doing one hell of a job.

First of is a blog that is very widely known. I would even like to correct myself right away, as this isn't a blog in the common sense. It is more of an online look book or inspiration board, as there are very few words and a whole lot of different outfits. I seriously hope that the owner Sergei and his handsome son, Erik, are borrowing clothes from friends for their shoots, as it would mean that they have the coolest wardrobe, if they didn't.

Please visit them here

The second blog that I would like you all to bookmark the blog Stiljournalen. The owner of the blog - and now web shop - Torsten knows a thing or two about dressing right. I may sometimes find that a bit boring, but never dull. What makes him stand out from all the blogs on wearing a suit, is his sense of story and sense of crafts. He has blogged about how I bought some nice fabric from a retiring tailor and he has been one of the only people in Denmark focusing on Danish production - he even did a piece on Dahlman, before I went there.
Stiljournlalen isn't in English. He does write some English summaries of some of the posts, but I recommend you simply use google translate and read the Danish version.

Please visit Torsten here

Finally, I would like to announce that After the Denim has now had 1500 visits  (not including my own, in case you were wondering) and it has only been slightly more than a month. This is a fact that I'm very proud of, especially when I think of how little I have done to promote the blog. Of course I hope that the number of visitors will rise to even greater numbers - so please tell your loved ones - but if it all ended here, I would still be very honoured. All I can say, is that I still feel motivated to make this one of the good blogs and I continuously try to think of new things that I can ad to the blog. Hopefully, more people will comment, ask questions, give recommendations or whatever you may feel like and hopefully more friends will chip in with posts, as this blog isn't entirely about me.

So to the readers, thank you.

Best regards Simon

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