Monday, September 5, 2011

Out and About - Picking Apples On a Sunday

Before you start reading any of this, I would like to apologise for the abuse of the Hipstamatic function on the iPhone. I didn't take any of the pics and my friend Anna apparently enjoys that function slightly too much. Secondly, this isn't my poor attempt to turn ATD into a food blog, but as the criteria for anything on this blog is being good, then this should be included.

The Hipstamatic pics don't affect my wish to document this day any less, as it was a great Sunday.

Let's start with the end. This is the product of a well-spent Sunday : 3-5 kg of stewed apples.

That much stewed apples don't come easy. First you need like 15 kg of apples from just as many different sorts. Luckily we got these apples for free, as we biked around town to some secret locations. The apples were picked using a perfect branch that I found in the nearby woods. 

That's some good fun and in no time you have a huge tote filled with delicious (some more than others), freshly picked (rather, violently removed with a thick branch), organic (I can only assume) apples.

When the picking is done, you have to peel them and slice them into smaller pieces, which seems like work Sisyphus wouldn't even do, as it is a huge task with that many apples. After the picking, the peeling and the slicing it gets easy. Just add some organic vanilla and some organic cane sugar, that you borrow from a roommate (which I promise, I will replace, Louise) and let it simmer until perfect. 

You'll know when you hit perfection.

Special thanks to Anna for filling the gap for my much-missed girlfriend and making this a very pleasant Sunday.

In case you are wondering, the tote is from Engineered Garments. I was also wearing an oxford shirt from Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, jeans from LVC (1954 501z), shoes from Yuketen and a vintage jacket from Fjällräven (not pictured). I forgot to mention that my underwear are from one of the last - if not the last - Danish producers of underwear. I'm trying to set up a visit to them, which will hopefully materialize soon.

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