Thursday, September 22, 2011

Affordable backpacks - Parrott Canvas, Drifter and Fjällräven

If you are on a budget and still want a descent backpack, there aren't many good options, but there are some. Here are three options.

First off is the Scandinavian option, Kånken from Fjällräven. To many people living in the Scandinavian countries there are some connotations to the Kånken, which makes it seem very geriatric. But if you try to look at it with a more objective view, there is something cool about the iconic Kånken. Furthermore it is easy to carry, and the looks will improve with wear.

Please disregard the writing - it is a custom feature.

Please disregard the writing - it is a custom feature.
If you want some pretty good looking daypacks from a good American producer, then look no further than Parrott Canvas. Parrott Canvas is big in Japan, but the distribution outside of Japan and the US is limited to nothing. But the price of their packs makes it possible to order them from the US and still get good value. They have a lot of other good looking bags - like totes and toiletry bags.

If you want a US-made backpack, that is bang on the buck, then Drifter is the one for you. Cheap, well-made and decent quality at a price that can't be beat. Just like Parrott Canvas, Drifter has a pretty utilitarian assortment.

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