Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crafts - Key Wallet - Quick Proto

The weather has been horrible today. Overcast and constant showers. I was hoping to spend this day taking some pictures of a new acquisition (in natural light that is) and some other good stuff, but that couldn't be done. So instead I stayed in the basement making a proto type of a key wallet, that I have been meaning to make for my brother-in-law for too long.

I say that this is a proto because I made it very quickly and I didn't have all the right hardware for it. For instance I could have used some smaller snaps and surely also some double capped rivets. And lastly I busted my leather scissor some days ago because I managed to use it on some metal, which is a stupid thing to do. This meant I couldn't round the corners, as well as I'm normally able to do. Anyways, enough with the poor excuses for being a bad leather worker.

For the wallet I used a new, very special leather (from Horween...) with a great story, that I'll tell about some other day and all brass hardware. The inside was treated with Tragacanth and the outside was just brushed over with some Neatsfoot oil, which is also why it seems a bit stained or uneven in the colour. But please go to Flickr and see some higher resolution pics - blogger portrays pictures very poorly.

I sincerely hope that it will get some good use and I sincerely hope that the political party, that my brother-in-law is so involved in, will get a lot of votes at the election this Thursday.

Lastly I would like to thank everybody for the great response that the laundry bag got. I will definitely be making more. Tomorrow I'll be going to Copenhagen to visit friends and family, but I'll still be blogging, albeit not as much.

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