Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Month of Denim - Day 25

Until about an hour ago the Buddy Lee fan group had 101 fans, but then I joined the group, and the number rose to 102. I felt bad doing this, as I found it quite symbolic, that the group had 101 fans, knowing that the iconic Lee model is called 101. Was this a coincidence? I'll let you make up your own mind.

Buddy Lee. The little doll, that became the mascot for Lee or rather became synonomous Lee, was created by a Lee sales manager named Chester Reynolds. He was originally featured in Lee commercials from the 1920's to the beginning of the 1960's and he has later made appearances and still do so.

Buddy Lee is a highly collectable item in some of the early editions and can fetch very high prices to the right collector. Buddy Lee has been suited in all kinds of different outfits - from railroad worker to cowboy. Buddy has done all kinds of odd jobs.

Originally he was only supposed to be used as a sort of sales promotion in the shops. After the promotion shops were encouraged to sell the dolls to the customers. This caught on and later the small Buddy Lee doll was turned into a piece of sales merchandise and a succesful one. When Buddy was pulled from the market in 1962 it was the second-highest-selling doll in the US. 

Of course I also found a movie for you to watch.

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