Monday, September 19, 2011

Seil Marschall - Canoe Pack

I figured after writing about the Topo Design Klettersack, that I should probably write just a bit more on backpacks. Probably because I have been thinking about investing in one merely for practical purposes. But it must be the right one. I don't want to own two backpacks, as I'll probably not be using both. So if you are also looking, I figured you needed to make the right decision based on some good alternatives, which is why I'll be writing about some of the backpacks, that I like and personally is thinking about purchasing. So make up you own mind and do some comparing.

Seil Marschall has been getting a lot of attention lately, but the family business have been around for a long time. I first discovered them some years ago through Manufactum. Luckily the distribution has become more accessible for every season since then.

Now this post shouldn't be about Topo Designs, and it won't, but I read a small interview with one of the founders of Topo, while doing some final research for the post about the Klettersack. In the interview he talked about competing with bigger companies and he said that he found it especially hard because big companies would have their hardware custom made, but they, Topo Designs, would have to make the best out of the ready made options, which meant they needed to do a lot of research on the subject. Why am I writing this, you have probably started to wonder? And I'll tell you. 

When I saw the Seil Marschall packs, I couldn't help but notice that all the hardware, trim, fabric and leather used were all things that I could have found myself and put together myself. All the things used in their packs are almost things that you can find without much effort and I kind of like that idea, as it gives the packs a slightly home made or rather handmande feel.

I quite like the look of the original canoe pack, but most of their packs look and feel good.

Pics were found here

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