Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yuketen Wingtip Ghillie Moc

I was browsing through the latest additions to Tres Bien Shop's assortment. Their buys are always rock solid, and it is obvious why they are doing so well. Of course they could be buying more from smaller, niche brands, but for what TBS is, they are probably the best shop.

What caught my eye, was something rather unexpected. At least since everything wasn't written in Japanese. These wingtip Ghillie mocs with a ripple sole are just too much, but in a really good way or rather Japanese way. The ripple sole have begun to show outside of Asia, where it has been used quite a lot, even though it was originally a sole developed for the US army. Luckily We have seen the sole used in our Western Hemisphere in recent Viberg collaborations with Inventory and Leffot. And I'm sure that we'll be seeing it a lot in the time to come. These babies are are also giving a nod to Scotland with the classic Ghillie, and of course there is the classic moccasin construction, and the Goodyear welt not to forget.
All of this makes them a conglomeration of different elements from all around the world. That is the really great thing about Japanese culture, as they really care about history, quality, details and country of origin. Something I think we can all lean from.

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