Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Finds

Today is Sunday, yesterday was Saturday and tomorrow is Monday. But let's focus on today being Sunday and a lucky one indeed.

I'm a huge collector of many things. For instance I collect stoneware, ceramics, vintage fabrics, zippers, tools, clothing and I also collect watches - automatic watches that is.

So when my girlfriend and I decided to go to a local flea market, I was really happy when I stumbled upon no less than 7 automatic vintage watches in mixed condition!

Who on earth puts a FixoFlex strap on an antique watch?

Besides the watches which I'm going to clean up, rub on some Polywatch and most likely put on some new straps (Goodbye, FixoFlex). I also found a really nice Bakelite measuring tape and two old, solid brass snaps that I can use for my leather crafts.

My girlfriend also picked up some wooden aircraft assembly kits. Which made me kinda nostalgic because I used to make - and collect - similar kits when I was a child. When I saw them I instantly felt the strong adhesives tickling in my nose.
It'll be some good fun, when we put the "Curtiss Goshawk" together.

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