Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quoddy Workshop

I purchased my first pair of Quoddy Moccasins some years ago. Now back then they weren't advertised as being made by Quoddy. They were advertised as a pair of Albam moccasins made near the Passamaquoddy bay in Maine, USA. Fastforward a couple of years and Quoddy is almost a household name.
I still have them around, although they are pretty worn out by now, in case you are wondering.

I'm not going to write much about Quoddy at this point, but I'll yet again post a video on how a moccasin is made, and the skill and craft that goes into a pair of moccasins.

PS. If you want the nicest pair of Quoddy moccasins, you should probably head over to South Willard, as they happen to make the best custom ones.

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