Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crafts - Leather iPhone 4 Case

Today was spent in the basement workshop with a good friend and long time supporter of my crafts, Anna.

Anna wanted something to protect her newly acquired and much loved iPhone 4. So I helped her make a case for it in some 3-4 mm (6-8 in total!!) thick vegetable tanned leather.
In the past I have made wallets, card cases, billfolds and different cases but never a case for an iPhone, so I spent some time yesterday drawing some sketches for a possible design. But it was still tricky making the pattern just right for it. But for a prototype I think we nailed it pretty much. I think, it will be a bit easier the next time around - at least I hope that is the case. So if anybody wants one, let me know (at info.afterthedenim@gmail.com), and we can sort out a price.

The process was pretty straightforward, but it always involves a lot of steps. First you cut the leather, then you soak it in water to make it easier to work with. After that there is some more cutting, some more preparation, and some hand sewing. Finally you burnish it, and you burnish it hard and you burnish it good.
Finally you give it some conditioner, in this case pure neatsfoot oil, which always darkens the leather slightly. I decided to use neatsfoot oil because this case will probably be put under hard use and abuse.

* Disclaimer. I didn't do the sewing - I just assisted - my sewing is usually just slightly more straight and clean. But Anna still managed to do a pretty awesome job. Bravo.

** Second disclaimer. Pictures were taken with her iPhone in artificial lighting, while it was pitch black outside. So remember, it looks way better in real life.

*** Third disclaimer. This iPhone case is pretty damn good, so actually it doesn't need any disclaimers. Sorry.

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