Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hansen Garments A/W 2011

I contacted Hansen regarding some pictures of their A/W 2011 collection, and Åse forwarded these pictures to me. Of course I would have preferred seeing their collection in person and feeling the fabrics (and buttons) or maybe have seen some high-resolution pictures of each an every piece in the collection, but these pictures will make do.

To me the highlight of the collection is the white anorak, which looks quite similar to pieces worn by Norwegian freedom fighters during the Second World War, but the influences could be different.
Even though I tend to dislike black, I quite like the different black hues and different tones of grey used in the collection. Overall I have to say that this is the best coming out of Denmark in recent times, now I just hope that more shops in Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of the world will take notice and start carrying Hansen.

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