Sunday, August 21, 2011

Listen: Ephat Mujuru & Dumisani Maraire

Yesterday, I recommended that you gave Wu Lyf a listen.

It made me think. After the Denim is not a music blog and it never will be. If you were to classify it, I would be honoured if you were to call it a blog about style. To me there is nothing more stylish than being surrounded by good music. So what is good music? I have no idea really, but somehow I guess I do.

Therefore I'll try to occasionally write about the music that I like to listen to in no particular order what so ever. It's going to be both old and new. Some of it you might know, and some if it, you might not. Hopefully, you'll like some of it, and hopefully you won't like it all. My biggest hope is that you'll form an opinion.

I can't remember how I came across the record Masters of the African Mbira by Ephat Mujuru & Dumisani Maraire, but I like to listen to it some times - especially while reading before going to sleep.

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