Sunday, October 16, 2011

Filson Rucksack

Please excuse my absence. I know, that some of you have come to expect a post a day or even more, and I still strive to continue doing so, however this is something I do in my spare time and at the moment I haven't had any time to spare. Unfortunately the time hasn't been spent in the basement doing something creative, nor have I been attending a lot of social events, I have been stuck at school with different projects.

So actually I just decided to do a really quick post on another backpack alternative, but this one is on a very obvious one, so I do not have to write a novel.
I like Filson and I like Filson a lot. I do own quite a lot of Filson. And I have to say, that if I were to buy some outerwear right now, I would be looking at their selection. The bags I have from Filson have all held up very nicely, and I think, they'll be around for another couple of years or decades.

The Filson Rucksack is mainstay in their very rugged, yet classic assortment of bags. It is constructed of a sturdy 22oz cotton twill, that has been treated with oils and waxes for water repellancy. As with most Filson bags this bag also features a heavy duty solid brass zipper (YKK, for the connoisseur), and of course their nice American bridle leather is also used on this pack. I say American Bridle because there is a difference between English Bridle leather and American bridle leather, but I won't be going into that topic now.
The use of such beefy, but of course also durable, materials make this bag quite heavy to carry, which of course is a downside to many people. However the quality is "bombproff", as one reviewer noted.

Did I mention, that this rucksack is made in the US? Well, it is.

If I were looking for a bag for travelling, I would probably be buying the Filson Duffle in medium or large. But I could probably also be talked into getting one from JW. Hulme or a vintage Gokey...

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