Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Western Mountaineering Flash Vest

After a couple of odd days of sunshine it has now become evident, which way the weather is heading. It's getting colder and mentally you are starting to prepare for the winter. I know, that some of the readers may come from countries with a warmer climate and I envy you.

I have begun looking for options for this winter. I already have too many jackets, so I'm not actively looking for - at least I'm not admitting it. 

Sometimes I want to add just a layer of extra, cosy warmth. Or add a extra layer of warmth underneath a Harris Tweed blazer, like I have seen some Japanese men do it.

This lead me to the Western Mountaineering Flash vest.

It is very lightweight, yet very well made. It weighs around a 100 grams and is filled with goose down. Other than that it comes in three wearable colourways black, brown and silver. And did I mention, it's made in Canada? Well, it is.

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