Thursday, October 20, 2011

Out of Town - Thrifting

When I go somewhere new. Somewhere I've never been before. The first thing I do is hit the thrift stores. Over the years I have gotten to know, exactly where to find them. I can almost sense it. I can smell it. I hope you all do know, I'm kidding.
I always just find one, the first, and ask all the nice, old ladies to help me find the next and that leads me in the right direction of the third, until there are no one left.

Today was OK. I didn't find much, but at least I found some stoneware, which I haven't found in a very long time! I have a rather big collection of stoneware and ceramics, that I have gathered over the years. I mostly collect from Danish makers, but I wouldn't mind adding some Heath Ceramics as well. Most of the pieces I have collected are probably worthless from a professional point of view, but they are quite valuable to me.

I don't know the maker of this one, as I can't make out the signature. All I can say, is that it is well-made and the person, that did it, has a great sense of tactility and colour. 
The pictures were taken at night time with what little artificial lighting I could gather for this shoot. I just wanted to document my finds, so please disregard the poor quality.

Have I mentioned, that I collect zippers as well? I don't know if collect is the right word, as I intend to use them at some point for wallets, purses, bags or what that might require a zipper. Today I found three from Riri, and incidentally they were all navy blue, albeit different sizes. Riri zippers are the best zippers in the world. Period.

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