Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Quest for the Ultimate Winter Coat - Various

I have neglected writing about winter coats or jackets for some time. And I'm not even sure, I'm going to write much more about it. Mostly because I have so many jackets, so I don't spend much time looking for anything for myself. Besides that relaunched Made in USA Sierra Designs parkas of course, that seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment. I feel quite strongely about them, as I have been waiting for them for years! And I think, I'll keep waiting, untill I can get one with a woolen Pendleton lining.

But if you need inspiration for jackets, then please take a look at this Flickr account, that belongs to a user, who is called Nicolas Ticklish. He seems to have one amazing collection of mostly parkas of all sorts. Very inspiring, but it also makes you wonder, does he really need that many jackets? And the answer is, I guess he does.

Here are a couple of outtakes (incidentally all taken from page 1), but you should really look for yourself. If you find anything you like, and want a second opionion, just ask away.

Vintage mountain parka from now defunct Banana Equipment - one of the American hiking brands of 1970s

Military smock - apparantly made of the legendary functional fabric, Ventile.

Recent parka by Woolrich Woolen Mills. Made in the US.

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