Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Much Awaited Singer 222

As announced I have something very special in store for you. Something I have been wanting for a very long time. It is enclosed in this small black box with Bakelite handles.

When it comes to sewing machines I like them old. Very old. It isn't something that I base on aesthetics, although I would be lying if I said, that sewing machines weren't more handsome in the past. I like old sewing machines because they were built much stronger and much simpler. Sewing machines weren't some disposable junk that you would buy twice in a lifetime. It was an investment and a big one.

I'm not a skilled sewer. I sew alright, but my needs are pretty basic, which is why I have used and loved my Singer 221 ever since receiving as a late birthday present from my sister some time ago. Even though you can't do a million different stitches and you can't programme it on a computer, you can do everything that you would ever need to make. If that isn't enough there are still a lot of different accessories for the Featherweights widely available and there are helpful and passionate people like Graham Forsdyke, if you ever need any help or advice. But the part is that the Featherweights sews perfectly. The stitches are just so damn beautiful.

I can't remember when I first read about the Singer Featherweight, but again who would remember that?
I do however remember when I knew that I HAD to own a Featherweight - The 29th of August 2010 to be exact! I know the exact date because that was the date, when Tommy of This is Naive posted pics of her 222. I instantly knew that it was the machine I needed because it was small, handy, strong (like a mustang!), beautiful and somehow very manly.

If I had the space for it, I would probably be buying (old) industrial machines, but when you are a student and you have limited space, there is very few machines that can compete with the Singer Featherweights.

As mentioned before I already own the original Featherweight, the 221. But I sometimes miss - and need - the free arm function of the 222 - the older brother to the 221. Therefore I have been looking for a 222 that I would be able to pay for, which wasn't on eBay or online, as they fetch very high prices there. Fortunately I was lucky enough to find one in descent condition here in Denmark and I bought it for a very reasonable amount from an old lady named Agnethe.

The machine came with a lot of different accessories. I had most of them already, from what I have seen, but it is always nice to have substitutes and spares. It is in desperate need of some oil, which I couldn't find in my mess, so I'll have to drench when I get the chance to buy some new oil tomorrow. Lastly it needs a good clean-up, a new belt and some rubber feet, which I will be buying from Graham.

Thank you Agnethe. I promise to look after it and use it frequently with care.


  1. What a great story, and a beautiful sewing machine. I am new to Featherweights and acquired my own Singer 222 under similar circumstances (i.e. off eBay) here in Switzerland. Hopefully one day I shall find a 221 to complete the set :) I am very pleased with the 222 though, and so lucky to have found one locally.

    I wrote about mine here:

  2. Hi Adwoa, I really don't think you need the 221 to complete det set. You're machine will do just, what the 221 will do and even more.

    You can find lots of accessories and attachments on ebay in the UK and US. There is a seller, which name escapes me right now, who is really pleasant in the UK.

    Congratulations on your purchase and I'm sure, you'll get lots of fun out of this machine.

    Thanks for commenting