Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Importance of Being Idle

I just started school which means I have been busy socialising and drinking a good, healthy amount of alcohol.

I also received a parcel containing something very special indeed. Something I have been searching for since discovering it a couple of years ago. I'll reveal what the postman dropped off, once there is a bit of sunshine here in Aarhus, so I can take some pictures in natural light.

Lastly I have been writing on the first post about one of the first factory visits, I did with my good friend, Rasmus. But it is taking more time than I anticipated, probably because it's been so long, since it took place.

Instead of posting about absolutely nothing, I figured I might as well use your attention, if I still have it, and turn it towards a band called, Wu Lyf. I have been listening to their debut album, "Go Tell Fire to the Mountain" for some time now. It's not an album, that you can listen to on any occasion, nor can you hear it again and again, but there is something very special about the album. There is more to come from Wu Lyf, I'm sure.

It should be said that I'm not a music, film or literary critic. At all. But that is not going to stop me from recommending both music, books, magazines, films, shows or what have you. I think you need good music and books in order to constantly evolve. So if I come across something that I think is good, I'll recommend it to you. It may not be good in a year or a week, but if it feels right in the moment, I'm probably going to to tell you about it.
If you find something good, please tell me as well. I would love to look, listen and learn.

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