Sunday, August 7, 2011

Behold the Curtiss Goshawk - part 1

The kit didn't say which edition of the Goshawk it was, but this is how it looked, when we started. Unfortunately we didn't get to finish it, as other commitments arose, but I'm sure, that we'll finish it together at some point. Alternatively, I'll just let her get her hands sticky and let her test her patience alone.

This was really a trip down memory lane for me. I remember sitting with my dad making these assembly kits (Though the ones I made, were normally made of a greyish plastic).
My dad has always been a fixer and he is great with his hands, when it comes to repairing bikes and making fishing rods. But I remember him breaking some of these kits because his hands were way too big and strong and not made for the fine mechanics involved in some of these kits.
Rest assured, I have forgiven him by now.

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