Monday, July 9, 2012

Rancourt - Green Shell Cordovan Moccasin Bluchers

I have a terrible feeling, that these might be the coolest moccasin bluchers, I've ever seen. Some might find them a bit too extravagant for a regular pair of moccasins, but I'm all for this kind of craziness. This is taking a somewhat standard product, which admittedly is an understatement and bringing it to a whole new level.

They're made by Rancourt in the US. Rancourt has long been a maker for a number of other brands (including the Eastlands, that I have - see 1 and 2), so I promise you, that the construction and craftsmanship is second to none. Furthermore the materials couldn't possibly be any nicer. Shell cordovan to me is probably one - if not the - of the nicest leathers around and the sole by Reltex which I honestly didn't know about before seems very, very nice.


  1. The rich colour of those is amazing. I imagine they will age beautifully over time too.

  2. I'm sure, they'll wear amazingly. Cordovan is very hard wearing.

    I'm thinking, that my next pair of bluchers (this is called long term planning) should probably be a pair like these, although made in Natrual Chromexcel or #8 shell cordovan. Could be killer.