Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Arrow Moccasin

If you're into moccasins or handsewns, as they're also referred to sometimes, you've probably come across moccasins from Arrow. Arrow is one of these small, family owned companies, that live a quiet existence, making extremely good products one at the time - at a good price even - and catering to a small, niche audience - mostly in Japan, it seems.

There hasn't been spent a dime on their website and ordering from them isn't really easy, however you can have your mocs made to your specifications. I like some of the make-ups, that I've seen over the years in Japan. My favourite is probably the ring boot with the crepe sole, however I for wearability I would most likely go for the regular moccasin.
I've pairs from Eastland (Rancourt), Quoddy, Yuketen, Russell Moccasin, and probably others, but I've still to invest in a pair from Arrow. I can't help but wonder, why I haven't done so yet.

Take a look at these stitches. Sewn by hand one stitch at the time.

The leather is very thick, but still very pliable, so it will mould to your feet.

This is a beast.


  1. As always Simon, you've found something else I now want to spend some money on.

  2. OiPolloi in Manchester has long been having private label moccasins made by Arrow, without mentioning Arrow by name. They're super nice and well worth their price.

    If they suit your style, then go for it.

  3. Thanks Simon, I will have to take a look what they still have. They are a good retailer, to which I have bought a lot over the years.