Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Papa Nui - Beach Battalion Hat

Sometimes I wish, I had the courage to step out of my comfort zone, when it comes to certain pieces of clothing or accessories. I can really appreciate something, but at the same time I have that gut feeling, that says "This ain't gonna work on you".

Even though I was very close to ordering one of these amazing Daisy Maes, that blogger extraordinaire, Papa Nui has had made, I decided against doing so. But that doesn't mean, that you shouldn't go ahead and acquire one for yourself or your best friend. The 

The Papa had these hats made of a 100% cotton herringbone twill with the iconic frog skin camo, that the USMC used back in the days. 
I have to say, that they look extremely well-made, which I'm sure, that they are, as I don't think the Papa would put his name on anything, that isn't good, as in really good. So do support a good initiative like this.


  1. Really like the look of them, but a little like yourself I am not sure quite whether it would work for me!

  2. I keep going back and forth between buying one. Though it's probably way too late by now. But I think, that the camo will wear really well and it's not a camo pattern, that has been used to death lately.

  3. Thanks so much Simon for the plug. The hats are also great when worn out of context. The Japanese would wear this hat with a very ivy league prep style and then add an orange backpack. For me its the ultimate sun protection when at the beach all day. Choose your own style.
    P.s as you predicted ive only 3 left in size 61cm but a new project is in hand as we speak!

  4. Hi Papa, thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm so excited about the prospect of the new prospect - I read your very nice introduction on your blog a couple of days ago.

    I could really see that outfit working.

    Have a great day