Monday, October 10, 2011

Zebra F-701 Pen

I like to carry stuff around, that you might not need, but it feels good carrying it around. I try to always have a pocket knife on me at all times, which is why I have several pocket knives (but I could easily need more), although I rarely use them. But when there is a situation, when the knife is needed, the joy is just so great.

I also like to carry a pen with me, which of course means I have a number of different pens, that I like. So I figured, that I could write a bit about my everyday carry. However at this point I plan on doing so one step at the time.

Let's talk about pens. One of my all-time favourite pens is the Zebra F-701. The design is just so perfect with the stainless steel construction and knurled top. It feels good in your hand, when you write with it. In my experience it works every time and it tends to go a long way on each refill. My favourite thing about the 701 must be, that it isn't very "clicky". It has a soft, rather poetic click, unlike the Jotter's hard click - which is another favourite by the way.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. It is cheap - around $10,-

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