Monday, October 3, 2011

Close Up and Private x After the Denim

It seems, that After the Denim is going from strength to strength these days. And I can't thank everyone enough. Not only did James Taylor write a great piece on buying vintage clothing and tweed, which FYI has become the most read post on ATD, but I was also approached by the marvellous artist Sergei Sviatchenko during One Month of Denim.

I have mentioned Sergei once before and many of you will already recognise his name as the founder of Close Up and Private - the ultra Stylish, online lookbook with the artist twist, that is so easily and instantly recognisable. For this reason Close Up and private has every style blogger pressing the re-blog button again and again. Some of you may even recognise his name as a gifted artist, that does beautiful collages and paintings.

Sergei contacted me offering some exclusive photos, that all evolve around the subject of jeans. I didn't want to spoil them by including them in One Month of Denim, so I decided to do a regular post on them or possibly a One Month of Denim finale.

I can't thank Sergei enough for letting me post the pictures on this blog. It is an honour!
Since he has allowed me to do so, I can only encourage the readers to go and check out Close Up and Private and do so on a daily basis! It is definitely the world's best blog, when it comes to original, inspirational images.

The set is named "Ladies in Denim"

The X in the titel may indicate, that this was a collaboration. It wasn't. I didn't do a thing.

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