Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Otter Messer - Ankermesser

I'm spending some time in the Southern part of Denmark on vacation. I'm hoping to do some reading, make some drawings of some future designs and maybe finally find the right snaps fasteners, which I have been looking for since I can't remember when. Maybe that is an unrealistic wish, but one can dream. But I will surely get some much needed sleep, do some cooking and hopefully I'll also get to do some blogging. Since I'm located so close to the German border right now, I figured, that I could write a post on a German-made piece of art.

At the moment my favourite pocket knife is this little gem from the German company Otter Messer, which is based in Solingen. The company has been around since the 1887 and they are still being made in Germany.

What initially caught my interest was the beautiful brass-anchor inlay, so I'll gladly admit, that it was an aesthetic decision to begin with. I liked the nautical reference and I figured, that this would have been a knife, that my grandfather, who was a sailor, would have liked. When I received the knife, I was surprised, how sharp and generally well-made this knife is. Especially if you consider the price. I think this knife represents true value for money. You won't be getting a lot of different tools in your knife - that you'll probably never use anyways- however you'll get a very sharp knife, that will take a beating. And may I just add, that the looks will improve with use? The brass rivets and inlay will tarnish and so will the carbon steel blade.

This post wouldn't be complete without a small clip, that shows how the Ankermesser (German for Anchor Knife) is made, now would it?


  1. Nice blade there :)

  2. nice knife, thanks to eric from life time gear. I saw this knife on his blog there for the first time. Since then, a wonderful present for friends. but do not forget to charge them - never give a knife as a "present". bye alex

  3. Hi Alex, you are absolutely right. One should never give a knife away. That is a good tradition, that one can keep in mind, as rituals like that are quite fun.

    Thanks for commenting and I like Erics blog a lot and read it almost daily. For some reason I can't add it to the blogroll, altough I wish I could.

  4. must have lost mine recently while working on a boat, so i guess its a gift to neptune then. have to restock I guess ;-)

  5. That reminds of something. Check for updates.