Friday, October 28, 2011

Recently Purchased - Solmate Socks

It seems a bit boring, but besides one rather big purchase, which I have hinted, but fully disclosed, I'm not really buying clothing at the moment, which is a rather poor foundation for a blog, that mainly evolves around the subject of clothing and style.

But today I made a clothing related purchase, although it was only a pair of socks, but not any pair of socks. These socks are made of recycled cotton yarns (mainly from t-shirts) and made in the US (Vermont to be exact) by a company called Solmate. The concept is pretty straight forward and it is epitomized in their slogan "Life's too short for matching socks", which means every pair has a mismatching pattern.

I wasn't actually going to buy socks, as I really hate wearing them in a way. But the colours are great for fall and I need to add some action to my boring wardrobe.

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