Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toro y Moi

I figured, that ATD could do with some more music recommendations. The thing is, I also just feel like writing really short posts, which is why I should probably start using Twitter or Tumblr...

I first came across Toro y Moi, when the first album, "Causers of This" was released. I figured, that I wouldn't like it because it was very associated with the chill-wave scene, but I got to listening and I really enjoyed that album. I liked it very much. When his second album "Underneath the Pine" came out, that like-like became love. After watching some of the Toro y Moi videoes on Youtube, I also got the feeling, that Chazwick Bundick, who is the brain behind Toro y Moi, is a very friendly guy. 

So if you like it, go buy the music in your favourite record store or buy it online. And if you want to recommend some music to me, then please do so. I'm always on the hunt for good music.

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