Monday, October 10, 2011

Altana Works - Teardrop

I'm trying to make up my mind on, which backpack I'm going to buy. I need something, that I can take with me on small trips, as well as carry a day's worth of school books. I have started feeling some shoulder fatigue because of messenger and tote bags, so I figured, that a backpack would be a good investment. Therefore I'm dragging you through my options, so I can make up my own mind.

I have covered some options, but there are still some to go. Today I want to cover Altadena Works, which was heavily featured some time ago, but it has been a while since we last heard from them. This doesn't change the fact, that their version of a daypack is a damn fine pack.

Altadena Works has a very nice small assortment of goods, but they all have one thing in common - they look really good! Take for instance their hold-all or market tote, which is made of Horween's Chromexcel leather - which is a very good oil-pull-up. Their Rucksack looks very sturdy and well-made, and the all black profile is actually rather refreshing, albeit I would never go all black myself. Although I know a lot of guys, who would. The all black option is a rather nice contrast to many other makers, who are also influenced by the outdoor equipment from the 1970's, the difference is, that Altadena isn't making reproductions. They were merely inspired.

I like their 801 Teardrop backpack the best. This bag is constructed of water-repellent cotton duck and leather. The nylon webbing is mil-spec, the hardware is made of metal and heavy zippers have leather pulls. Another great old-school detail is the wool felt, that is sandwiched in between two layers of "seat belt" webbing for extra comfort when carrying the bag.

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