Monday, September 26, 2011


I had the pleasure of meeting an American exchange student some years back, who talked about how he went "shrooming" in the mountains of Colorado. I told him, that I liked to go shrooming too. With my mom and dad even. As the talk progressed and when he offered me more than a beer and a smoke (I quit that a long time ago FYI), I quickly figured, that I was sure as hell not checking Urban Dictionary often enough. 

Fast forward some years I still like to go shrooming with my mom and dad, so this weekend when I paid them a visit, I went mushroom hunting. This time I did so with my dad and my girlfriend, who managed to find a great spot, that was literally filled with some of the biggest chanterelles, I had ever seen. 

I did bring my camera in hopes of taking some lovely pictures of the woods and of our harvest, but I had forgotten to charge the battery, hence the poor iPhone pictures. Anyways, they are testament of some very fond memories of a day well-spent, so I don't mind and I hope you don't either. 

For a long time out basket looked like this. Some nice chanterelles and a few other sorts, that I don't know the English name for.

My girlfriend is wearing a pair of Tretorn sneakers. They were made on a military contract for the Danish Civil Defence in the 1980's. They are so great. Unfortuntately they were found deadstock and chances of finding another pair is probably quite slim.

But then we found a really great spot and the basket quickly filled with chanterelles

In case you are wondering, I'm wearing an ECWCS Gen II Gore-Tex parka in Woodland camo. I would have liked it an a different camo pattern, but I got it at a great price. Other than that it is an extremely functional and wearable garment. I can't recommend it too highly. If you are trying to find one for yourself, please remember to go down one size, as they fit quite roomy. If there is some interest, I'll gladly do a post on it at some point. Other than that I'm wearing a Giman shirt, William Lockie lambswool knit, LVC 1955 501 jeans, and Red Wing chukkas. As always, very boring.

Yes, Ladies and gentelman, that is an original Opinel knife - if that is worth mentioning. It is perfect for picking mushrooms. Other than that they are made in France and they are relatively cheap. Not the best knife you'll ever hold, but it's a fun one to have. 

The woods are filled with ripe mushrooms at the moment, that are ready to be picked. They are a product of the horrible summer of low temperatures and the loads of rain, we had here in Denmark. If you don't know anything about picking mushrooms, find someone who does and tag along. Or just go for the chanterelles, they are quite easy to identify. 

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