Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crafts - "Sigge" Cardholder

I have been making this cardholder for some time now. I called it the "Sigge" after an old lady named Sigrid, which I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting. She passed away some months ago. Actually I heard that she always carried cash and never even had any credit cards - she always paid in cash, so it is a bit odd, that I have now named this cardholder after her. But her health insurance card was in the pocket of an old leather jacket of hers from which I was cutting out the leather. When I was making the cardholder and needed to see if it was the right size, I rummaged through my pockets and found her health insurance card. Hence the name Sigge.

The cardholder is ALL handmade. It will hold upto 6 cards (with some stretch and wear) and will hopefully develop a beautifull patina with wear.

I made the cardholder with the "THINK" impressed in it for one of my best friends. It was his birthday a couple of days ago, and I couldn't attend it, so instead I decided to give him a new cardholder, as he somehow managed to lose the old one, I made for him. Hopefully this one is a keeper. There is no meaning to the "THINK" besides it being a nod to the old Thinkpad that IBM made.

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