Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wakouwa Deck Shoes

I like the idea of taking something, that many of us use every day and attempting to perfect it or at least make it whole lot better. Like looking at an object and discovering, where you can add something that makes a difference within the limited or unlimited possibilities that you have at hand.

I think the French designer, Pierre Fournier, did just that when he decided to have these deck shoes made. Basically they're based on a pair of vintage military-issued Sperry Top-Siders, so in terms of design they're not ground breaking at all. But doing things like picking a durable American made canvas for the uppers, using a safety anti-slip sole and having them made in Japan using vulcanization really set them apart.

Unfortunately they come with a rather expensive price tag and distribution is very narrow (as usual the Japanese get the good stuff), but let's hope, that sneakers like these will some day become the standard.

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