Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Elusive Knitted Blazer

I have so many ideas for stuff that could help me complete my wardrobe. Actually I think it's a never ending quest, but I keep getting ideas for things that would do really well in my wardrobe. Often it's based on things that are actually on offer, and that's when you start saving and planning, but sometimes it's a certain thing that you just can't find. In this case it's the knitted blazer. 

I have this idea of a knitted blazer that you can both dress up or wear really casually. In my mind it's made of virgin wool or a similar hard wearing wool that has been tightly knitted, but still loose enough to conform to the body. Furthermore it's a three button blazer with a slightly narrow lapel, patch pockets and it's vented. Lastly it's not made in the Far East.

It could look a bit like this blazer from Brooks Brothers. It ticks a lot of boxes, but I'm not going to put a lot of money into something that's made in China probably. It goes against my principles that I stick to.

Another very nice alternative that I came across is the infamous, Spanish Teba, which is a sort of knitted blazer/shirt which is quite used in Spain. The original is made by Bel y Cia, who probably weren't the inventors of the Teba, but they're probably the original maker, as they made the Teba, which was used for hunting, for the Count of Teba. Now this is made in Spain, which is great and the quality is definitely up there, however I'm not sure about the looks of the Teba and it's quite expensive, but again the quality is present without a doubt.

One could even consider buying a replica (most likely from Japan) of the Brown's Beach Jacket, but it's very, very casual, but very good looking. However Japanese replicas don't always go well, if you're tall and have long arms.

Lastly there's the jersey (rather heavy jersey) version of a sports coat, which is made in Canada by Wings + Horns. I've tried it on numerous times and even thought about buying it quite a bit, but there's something a bit off in terms of the length - I find it too short. But other than that the quality is very good and the fit is quite modern with slim sleeves and body, but you can compensate for that by sizing up for a more comfortable fit. If this version was made in a heavy wool I would definitely have pulled the trigger. But alas I'm still searching for the elusive knit blazer and if someone has seen a good one, do let me know where to look.


  1. J Keydge do a herringbone wool blazer that is extremely unstructured and almost cardigan-like in feel. Their crap website does it no justice- the weejun does it better

  2. Hi Edinger, thanks for commenting I've actually been reading The Weejun quite a lot, as I've been lurking around on the Film Noir Buff forum, but I hadn't read that post, and now I've very glad I did.

    It may not solve the problem - as a good half-lined Harris Tweed blazer can do just that, but J Keydge looks like a good manufacturer of unlined blazers. Like Fraizzoli in Italy.