Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paraboot William

There's been so much hype about the double monk strap. And with good reason. It's a great shoe and a very elegant shoe that could easily hold a place in any wardrobe. But mostly many of them are just a bit too elegant with a single leather sole often. However the French company, Paraboot, makes one of the finest double monk straps available, or in fact they make some of the best shoes available. I especially like their model called William, but I will probably also feature the Avoriaz model and most importantly the Michael model.

The William model features the Norwegian construction (similar to a storm welt), which is something that is primarily used on hiking boots or rugged work boots. This can be seen on the two rows of stitches that hold together the upper, the welt and the sole and it ensures that the shoes are basically waterproof. Furthermore it gives more comfort and strength.

Another fun fact about Paraboot, besides the fact that they are still made in France, is that they are the only shoe company that also produces their own sole. They're definitely one of the shoemaking companies that aren't getting enough attention. They're just so good.


  1. Can on say which is better, the good year welt or the norwegian or isn't it compatible techniques?

  2. I'm pretty sure, that the Norwegian welt is a variation of the goodyear welt. So I wouldn't go into which is better, as I think, it's about, what purpose your footwear is intended for or what look you're going for. For many shoes the Norwegian would be way too chunky and make the shoes look off or simply weird.

    I tend to steer away from any too formal or too elegant footwear, as it doesn't suit my life style. For instance that means I would often go for a rubber soles (Ridgeway, Dainite or Commando) in terms of soles in English footwear.