Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping From Epaulet NY

Mike Kuhle from Epaulet is a very visionary man. Calling his shop just a shop might actually be an insult, as it is turning into more of brand with all the private label or collaborative stuff, that Epaulet is putting out. But now that I think of it, Mike is actually doing things the old school way. He listens to his customers and provides the best possible products within a price range, that doesn't exclude that many. He uses his platform to get exclusive make-ups and special editions. Something that other shops could really learn from. I often return to this shop for inspiration, and if it was more accessible in the EU, I'm sure, I would be buying from Epaulet a lot.

The key words are quality, modern fit, updated classics and exclusive make-ups. 

Today I was just browsing - and thinking about placing a huge order - but instead I decided to put together  an outfit and just stick to dreaming about buying new stuff.

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