Sunday, December 18, 2011

Otter Messer for Blixt&Dunder - Kniven

I get a surprising large amount of e-mails through this blog, and mostly they are just great and I appreciate every single one of them and try my best to respond to them straight away. Sometimes I get some annoying commercial e-mail from people wanting to push their non-ATD-approved products. This wasn't the case, when I received an e-mail from Blixt & Dunder some time ago.

They had a 60 of these knives made by Otter Messer in Solingen, Germany. This is of course "but" a an updated version of the Ankermesser, but it is a rather fun and subtle version of a classic. It's 400 SEK with free worlwide shipping, so it shouldn't break any budgets.

I hope, that I'm lucky enough to have some pocket knives made myself at some point. That would the the pinnacle of my life. Next to having children and some other stuff, probably.

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