Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alden for Unionmade

There is no leather like shell cordovan. I love it. Simply. This is also why, I feel almost ashamed, that I do not currently own a pair of shoes made of cordovan. I plan on changing this, once I come across a pair of shoes or boots, that fits my wants. Thing is, most footwear made of cordovan is equipped with leather soles. Personally I feel leather soles very impractical and rubber soles much more comfortable and long wearing. At the moment I don't think there is a cobbler in this country, that I would trust with resoling a pair of shoes, so I avoid any kind of footwear with leather soles.

This is why I was very pleased to see that Unionmade decided to go for the plantation crepe sole on this blucher. They are beautiful and will never look off or dated.

Alden really know how to put together a pair of shoes and they still do it in the US. Unfortunately they are quite expensive outside of the US, and I think that most English shoemakers are just as good, if not better at some point. However I must say, that the Alden's use of shell cordovan and other leathers from Horween gives them big star in my book.

Now I couldn't mention Alden without mentioning the now defunct blog, The Agatine Eyelet. It will fill you in on what you need to now about Alden.

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