Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Steve Sunk - The Axe Man

I love short videos that showcase how stuff is made. I never get tired of them. However I do get very tired of the extremely pretentious ones and the ones that are supposed to be about a certain craft, but they more or less end up being about something entirely else. There are so many bad examples that you could probably compile enough material for a spoof video. Now I don't want to showcase the bad ones, I would much rather showcase the good ones and in this case; one of the best, I've ever seen.

Steve Sunk, who makes knifes and axes, seems so straightforward and so unpretentious. It's a relief watching his down to earth nature, while being so graceful in terms of his work.


  1. Those bad examples are why I haven't pursued something like this. This one is a great example though, there is hope!

    More real, less eye-rolling romanticizing.

  2. We've discussed it before, and you're right. I was actually thinking about making that spoof video, but again I'm not here to flame anyone and I would much rather focus on the good things.

    But you should really make a video. I would enjoy watching how you work and I'm sure, you would do it right.