Friday, March 22, 2013

Artifact Bags

Chris Hughes of Artifact Bag Co. makes great bags in his Omaha-based workshop, which is one awe-inspiring workshop filled with great machines. His bags are incredible too. Hard-wearing, well-made and tough as nails. Initially his version of a lunch bag got a lot of press and attention, but I think his briefcase and carry tote are much more impressive, but I guess a lunch bag is a stand out piece and of course a lot of good makers are making totes.

The reason why I follow Artifact bags isn't exactly because of the products- They're great no doubt about it and definitely worth looking if you're in the market for one, however I'm pretty set in terms of bags. But I really enjoy his blog. Now it hasn't been properly updated for some time, but previously you could follow his hunt for the right machinery for his workshop. It's just so crazy what you can find in a country that has had a lot of industry, like the US. I mean, I couldn't find much like it here in Denmark, even if I tried. And believe me, I try.

There's a video too. Enjoy.

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