Monday, March 18, 2013

John Simmons Cord Shirts

One of London's prime purveyors of Ivy style clothing, John Simmons, has these corduroy button down shirts. And they look great, especially with that flap pocket, which is a great detail reminiscent of old J. Press shirts. I'm a huge fan of corduroy and as a shirt material it's great for winter, as an overshirt or for very casual occasions. And the fact that John Simmons has had the shirts made in England and in some very good colours doesn't hurt either.

Now my love for corduroy is no secret, however I find myself not wearing it nearly enough. The problem for me is that you can never find pants with the right fit and the right corduroy. The pants are either made of a substantial corduroy and a very wide fit, or they're made of a flimsy corduroy with the correct slim fit. So if someone would please make some corduroy pants of a substantial all-cotton corduroy with a roomy thighs, narrow hem and a high rise, I would be a customer for life.

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